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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  April 22, 2016 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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♪ right now at 11:00, the death of an icon. prince helped redefine a generation of music. how one local new zig is remembering him and what we're learning about his death. it's been a stretch of beautiful weather but now we are tracking showers tonight and into tomorrow. i'll physical when you the heaviest rain will fall and if it will impact your weekend
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plans. and the countdown to primary day. the presidential candidates take over pennsylvania for the second day in a row. see what happened when donald trump got heckled by protesters in harrisburg. good evening, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm nicole brewer in forgers dean. the music world in shock over the death of prince. the 57-year-old artist found unresponsive in his elevator in his minnesota home this morning. just last week prince was taken to a hospital with flu-like symptoms but there's still no word tonight on the cause of death and an autopsy will be done tomorrow. meantime fans all day have been leaving tributes outside prince's home where a rainbow appeared overhead. prince's sister came out to greet fans there. and tonight a huge outpouring of emotion in minneapolis where fans are gathering in front of the nightclub where most of purple rain was filmed. that nightclub is hosting all night dance party in tribute to prince. here now is natasha brown with more on prince's legacy and how he's being remembered locally.
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>> reporter: to many the artist forever known aspirins was music royalty. icon whose sudden death sent shock waves throughout the music industry and reduced fans to tears. >> this is tragic. this is sad day. >> local radio stations like w wdas have been saturating the air waves from music with prince allowing ventnor to accept, to mourn, to celebrate his life through his songs. >> hearing great stories and memories. >> they even allowed me to share a moment as diehard prince fan. >> i've got a co-host she happens to be prince fan as well. >> moment ago you made my absolute favorite song the seven time grammy winner burst on to the music seen in the late 70s. music legend kenny gamble like many are still absorbing the tragic news. reflecting on the impact one artist had on the music indust industry. >> he's one of those great
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talents that only come along every now and then. once a generation. >> mike tyler who performed with prince here says his music transcends generations. >> he's got so much unheard music that they're going to be able to keep hill relevant for, you know, the next 30 years. >> out of all the celebrities i've met i never met prince. >> patti jackson never met prince she does have lasting memory of the young artist during a performance in philly many years ago. >> i can till the first time he was at the ice skating ring on walnut street he came out in a trench coat, thigh high boots and no one understood it. >> the often nam buoyant man who stood at 5-foot two leaves a legacy that looms larger for life. for many his music will continue to provide the sound track to their lives. >> we have to treasure those that give us great music while we can and nothing beats a great song.
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♪ >> reporter: tributes have just been pouring in from celebrities and artists all throughout the music industry. today even president obama paid his respects to prince by quoting him. a strong spirit transcends rules prince once said and president added, nobody's spirit was stronger, boulder or more creative. we're live in the sat center tonight, natasha brown, cbs3 i i'm wuss news. >> you can stay with i'm wuss noose as new details emerge in the death of prince. we have a slight show of photos and reaction from celebrities on now in other news tonight, a 16-year-old delaware student has died after gettin getting assaut school by other students. amy joyner a sophomore. police say she was as assaulted inside howard high school of technology in wilmington this morning. she was pronounced dead at the hospital. so far no charges filed. >> donald trump is scorching the campaign trail in pennsylvania.
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ahead of tuesday's critical primary. he energy jive supporters during campaign stop in harrisburg tonight and "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos was there. >> reporter: in front of a movely favorable crowd -- >> i love donald trump and i think that he needs support. >> reporter: key word mostly. >> get him out of here. get him out. get him out. take him out of here. see they're right in front of the cameras. >> reporter: gop frontrunner donald trump held a rally in harrisburg hearing in front of few thousand people and like most of trump's political speeches, there were the insults -- >> lying ted. he's a liar. see the media? that is the most dishonest group of human beings. they are the worst crooked hillary, is there anybody more crooked than this woman? >> and the wall. >> some day when i'm gone they'll name it the trump wall so i'll make it so big so strong
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and so beautiful. >> reporter: but trump also touched on our state's economy and loss of manufacturing jobs. >> pennsylvania has taken harder hits on trade than just about anywhere else in the united states. not good. not good. the state of pennsylvania has lost more than 35% of its manufacturing jobs since 2001. >> reporter: current polls put trump at 40 to 50% here in pennsylvania. more than 10 points ahead of cruz and primary rules won't give him the full 71 delegates if he wins -- >> the system is rigged. the voting is rigged. the whole deal is crooked. >> reporter: he's still stomping for votes in our stat state's capital. >> he has energy to bring the jobs back. he's a pretty knowledgeable businessman. >> reporter: after speaking here in harrisburg trump is said to speak in harrington delaware tomorrow evening. both delaware and pennsylvania hold their primaries next tuesday. reporting here in harrisburg, i'm greg argos cbs3 "eyewitness
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news". also tonight ohio governor john kasich attends the chester county gop dinner in king of prussia and it was held at the valley forge casino resort. in his remark he talk about trump voters. >> we know that many of these people who are voting for trump are people who are worried about their jobs they're worried about their wages. they say i put my money in a bang, and i used to get interest and now i don't get squat, and by the way my kids wept to school and they're still living at home, and these are legitimate fears. >> texas senator ted cruz is now focusing a lot of efforts ondine. the primary there is tuesday may third. senator cruz attended the indiana gop dinner tonight and earlier met privately with indiana's governor mike pentz. >> democrats are battling for votes in pennsylvania, bernie sanders hit the campaign trail in our area tonight. supporters cheered sanders in oaks montgomery county. he take about the loss of
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manufacturing jobs in the state. the senator says his ma and to off free college tuition 15-dollar minimum wage and smarter trade agreements would help pennsylvanians. he also discussed the issue of equal pay. >> women are telling me they are tired of working for 79 cents on the dollar compared to they want the whole dam dollar and they're right. >> senator sanders rallied supporters in reading. tomorrow sanderring will campaign in philadelphia. former president bill clinton campaigned for his wife in harrisburg today. he discussed hillary clinton's plans to raise incomes and break down the barriers that are holding families back. the former secretary of state campaigned in vermont today. she will visit montgomery county tomorrow. and tonight's good question centers around the campaign trail. we say the candidates are stomping, right why do we call a
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stomp speech. >> the interesting history about that phrase coming up about 11:12 tonight. celebrating a legend. >> the philadelphia flyers remember ed snider at the wells fargo center today. family members and former players paid tribute during celebration of his life this afternoon. snider died last week after two year long battle with cancer he was 83. ahead in sports we'll hear from former players on ed snider' legacy. there's a 1920 farmhouse in delaware where family meets food. >> tonight's taste with tori meet the couple behind the house of william and mary restaurant in hokessin. how they're taking locally grown ingredients and re-enter p inventing them in every dish. >> celebrating science and technology with cbs this morning charlie rose. the global pioneer is honored tonight in philadelphia. >> after a stretch of sunny weather showers are now advancing on the region. here they come and we'll be tracking them as we head through
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the day tomorrow coming up when the heaviest rain will fall and if it will clear out in time for your weekend plans. i'll let you k
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>> the candidates for president are making their rounds in the keystone state. campaigning in full force before tuesday's primary. >> many times we say the candidates are stomping. it's an interesting word. so darren from haddonfield why do we call a stomp speech. good question as primarily day draws near. >> you guys follow the election at all. >> a little bit. >> any idea why we call eight stump speech. >> that's a good question. >> stump the voters. >> stomaching. shortened version avenue longer speech. >> you stumped me with the question. some why do we call it a stump speech. >> because politicians literally would stand on tree stump. >> dr. heather lamar professor at temple university specializing in political communications. she says the concept dates back to ancient grease.
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we tracked it back to 600bw in athens and it was the idea they would go to the public and start rattling off political diss of course trying to promote the idea of democracy. >> it wasn't until the 19 century the term stomping was created. >> they would have to have make shift type of stages and often in rural america the only thing they can find a rock, boulder or tree stump. >> like being on soap bock. >> when you need to stand up to my height. >> unfortunately, that is accurate. >> here in america, the practice was made popular by people like abraham lincoln. who took more theatrical approach incorporateings jokes and jabs to a track voter attention. >> got them off the farm and got them out of their businesses and got them to come list season to you was to have a spirited debate. it was entertainment. >> overtime lamar says candidates grew increasingly cautious. >> it became very polished in what we call country club politics. >> many candidates use that method with a few exception.
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>> we have this delegate system which is a sham. >> can't say what i think about donald trump on tv. >> hov him or hate him lamar says trauma many is taking stumping back to its roots. >> a lot of people say that's bad for democracy but we also have a higher level of engagement. >> ink brag it back to old city. i'm so sure for him the old school style is going to work. >> that's yet to be determined. but kind of interesting that we've come full circle. >> did i get it earlier this evening. >> you did. >> i had to dig back to 11th grade and mr. lasko's polly sigh class. yea yea. >> nicely done. >> thank you. >> what's your good question? log on to question to submit your question or tweet us using the hash tag cbs3 good question. >> can't wait to hear from you. and new tonight, a celebration of science and technology at the franklin institute. >> the institute saluted the accomplishments of eight global pioneers tonight with the prestigious franklin institute awards hande handed out at a cey gala and dinner. the award ceremony comes as the six annual science festival
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kicks off in philadelphia. among those honored to dr. patrick, who's cancer moon shot 2020 initiative is accelerating the next generation of treatments for cancer patie patients. >> i look upon cancer as race against time. and we really can't afford to take something that would take 10 years. we can actually do it in five but more importantly have an answer that we can help a person in dire distress today. >> i attended along with kate and stephanie stahl we chatted with derek pits the chief a astronomer at the franklin institute. it was hosted by charlie rose from cbs this morning. new morning anchor jim donovan sat down with charlie for one-on-one conversation and learned more about an interview that still eludes the famous newsman. >> he has never done a a television interview to speak of i'd like to do that. he's friends with a lot of friends of mine but he has refused so far. i've been so busy i haven't
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pressed it with him. >> see who it is charlie rose would still like to talk to in jim donovan's one-on-one interview with charlie rose tomorrow on "eyewitness news" this morning starting at 4:30 a.m. that's a good tease. >> that is. how about it? >> a he interviewed a lot of good people. >> no doubt about it. >> eat, drink and be merry. merry. m-e-r-r-y. what better place to do that the house of william and merry in hokessin, delaware. >> vittoria introduce us to merry chefs who are living their dream. >> reporter: this is where casual dining meets the finest food and even finer people in a farmhouse. >> come to our house as guests leave as friends. >> the dress code is -- >> i would say as long as you have clothes on. (laughter). >> even if overalls are permitted the food is detailed and -- >> food is fantastic. very seasonal.
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phil is extremely passionate about what he does. the flavors are very layered and just fantastic. like never a miss hit. >> reporter: the do you woe behind the house of william and merry is hokessin william and merry married with two children the two chefs live and work in this farmhouse built in 1922. and this is where you get a true taste of delaware. >> our focus is always the best quality and a lot of many times it does come from right around here. >> reporter: and while merry changes her many hats in the house -- >> i'm the office manager and then i'm the hostess and now i got to put my mom hat back on and take care of the kids. >> you'll find bill sourcing as locally as their backyard. >> we dig this up and great it over fresh tuna or salad makes vinaigrettes out of it this place is small for a reason so we can focus on constantly evolving menus.
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farms in general. >> you get to eat spring here. >> a fresh of tuna in a soupy pool. duck, dates and ravi rolly fly together. >> like a sweetness to it. i'm not sure if it's the bacon. >> dutch of dates. >> where white chocolate tarragon blackberry desert makes you want to work for it. >> you're going to let me know if you need a farm hand, right. >> you got it. >> i was serious. big thank to you who recommend the house of william and merry tell me. tell me about your favorite place. send me a message on facebook. you're the ones that know all the hot spots woodill. have to tell you dynamic, delicious, decadent and someti sometimes dee constructioned. >> how about that. >> it was absolutely fantastic. right at the tip of the brandywine valley, fresh, amazing.
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can you tell i loved it. >> wow. i got another d for you. down the road not far from here. >> thanks, tori. >> kate bilo joins us with your forecast. that comma shape is breaking up. the rain is coming. >> it looks a it will ill little more intense a few nights ago much it's been weakening as it moves towards us that's good news. i don't expect major severe weather event certainly with this system. and not even a ton of rain with it but it is bringing about a change after stretch of sunny beautiful spring weather. take a look at a time lapsed video to start you off this is from today. the leadership academy in philadelphia we started the day with lots of sunshine. it was a beautiful day for most of the day then late afternoon thing started to get a little muddy eighty three around here. everything took that dull gray inch to it so to speak as these clouds started to move on in. and clouds have taken over tonight as we await the rival of a few showers and possible al thunderstorm. here's our system on storm sca scan3. there's that comma shape the
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center of circulation moving right around the chicago area at the moment. you can see it's all kind of scattered precipitation. nothing very strong with this. which of course is good news. but you can see across our area even a couple of sprinkles starting to fire up around the poconos. this is lifting to the north. we've got clear air at a a* lot of real estate between us and the actual showers which come through later in the day tomorrow in the meantime i think we start off our friday on actually a quiet and mild note. temperatures right now are warm. it's 64 in philadelphia. 64 in reading. 61 in allentown. that's due to the cloud cover and also a southwest wind moving through the region. >> it is a full moon tonight. maybe early tomorrow morning when the clouds clear a bit we do need some rain it has been very dry our last measurable rainfall was april 12th. almost 3-inches below average out of the season so far but we will get at least a little bit of rain tomorrow notice tomorrow morning here's 4am you may see
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the moon there. sunshine around 10am the more sun we get the warmer it will be. a chance some spots make a run for 80 tomorrow but notice showers start to pop up a few around 2:00 o'clock. stray shower around five, 6:00 o'clock as well and even into overnight tomorrow night scattered showers. notice it's not a wash out. don't expect it to be. but you will have to dodge a shower or two here and there and possibly even a lingering shower saturday morning before we get gradual clearing. showers isolated thunderstorm mainly in the afternoon. looking at a quarter of an inch of rain saturday it's going to be gradual color out. clouds maybe a shower in the morning. south and east of the city down the shore the clouds and showers may hang on much of the day sunday looks like a sunnier day across the bore. overnight 60 with stray shower. tomorrow scattered showers possibly a thunderstorm. warm and breezy. we'll see some sunshine here and there especially in the morning. saturday gradual clearing, sunday looks good. monday looks great. and then we have our next system bringing showers and storms on tuesday. so monday probably the nicest
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day. little easier to get it of bed. >> it will on a monday. >> always nice to have something to look forward to on monday. >> kate thanks. >> also talking sports. >> we are talking sports. today we celebrate the amazing live of ed snider. you'll want to stick around for that and bradford ready to bounce? why sam may have his sights on a one-way ticket out of philly. sports com
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>> from businessman to family, from players to coaches, from fans to the ushers in the stands thousands celebrated ed snider today at the wells fargo accept. at least a dozen speakers share the memories and stories the former flyers owner who brought hockey to philly. last week snider lost his fight with bladder cancer but his legacy lives on forever. today i spoke to couple former flyers about the founding fath father. >> the flyers organization there's not a more passionate owner in all of major sports and definitely mr. schneider.
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isn't to see him after every home game win or lose, good or bad, at every single home game he was in the dressing room to come and check on his players, to shake our hands to congratulate us or to give us a tap on the shoulder and say we'll get them next game. he was just amazing. >> many of the current flyers have dedicated this season to schneider. thanks to a two-one win in game four they'll continue their series with the washington capitals. game five tomorrow night in washington. here's the captain. >> we know we're in the tough spot right now and we need to keep playing the way we did last game. but just good to know we can be successful playing the way we want may. meanwhile scott lawton is a lucky man. all tests have come back negative and 21 year old has been released from jefferson hospital. he went sliding into the boards in game four and was motion less while being carted off the ice. he will not travel with the team for game five.
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little history tonight. for the shot cubbies. jake or yet tee won the cy young award and today tossed no hitter. he strikes out six and toss as no-no against the reds. cubs win 16-zero. it's the first no hitter of the mlb season. closer to home, we may have some drama at the novacare complex. according to bleach cher report sam bradford may request a trade this comes 24 hours after the eagles traded for the number two pick in the draft. so they can select a quote unquote franchise quarterback. bradford signed two year, $35 million deal in the off season. the nfl draft is a week from tonight. >> um-um saying there's drama in the house. >> yes. he can't be happy. we know that much. >> stay tune. >> yes. >> thank you bud dough. >> appreciate it.
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>> new tonight more tributes to prince in philadelphia. >> dozens turned out in center city for pop up run dedicated in prince's honor. prince song blared from boom box throughout run. philadelphia runner and run 215 came up with the idea. after the run they partied like it was 1999 inside the philadelphia runners store in prince's memory. we'll be back. ♪
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our morning team is back tomorrow from 4:30 to seven. for kate, don everyone here i'm ukee washington there. i'm nicole brewer. the late show with stephen colbert is next with tom hanks. >> thanks so much for watching. good night, family and sleep well. good night, family and sleep well. ♪ >> announcer: if you're looking to make more money and take control of your personal and financial future, then get ready, because than merrill, the star of a&e's hit tv show "flip this house," one of the most successful real-estate investors in the country and america's number-one real-estate-investing expert has one heck of an opportunity for you. than is hosting a one-of-a-kind free two-hour real-estate wealth-building workshophe


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